Phrases on the Expert: aphorisms, quotes on specialists


Phrases about specialists, aphorisms and funny quotes about those who consider themselves experts in any subject, thoughts on experts with experience in solving problems.

Aphorisms on specialists

- An expert is defined as one who knows his work from the front and the back so that he can allow himself some tears to the rule.

- Those who love the use of intelligence need to be expert in many things.

- Just turn on the TV to see and hear alleged experts around a table talking about the most banal things.

- Time helps to become more experienced in what you do.

- Many pretend to be experts in subjects they actually know almost nothing about.

- It frequently happens that the desire to look more expert arises as an obstacle to really becoming one, as you end up showing what you know and hiding what you don't know.

- An expert is a character who, upon payment, explains to the public why his previous analysis was wrong.

- Even experienced mountaineers can die from avalanches as they believe that no one is experienced enough.

- The purpose of an expert is to make mistakes in a more sophisticated way.

- After listening to an expert on the subject who advises you not to do one thing, you think about it, you may get to do the exact opposite.

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- Expert is one who has stopped reasoning because he considers himself an expert.

Phrases on expert

- To determine who is truly expert, it is necessary to contact a committee of unrelated experts.

- In reality we are all amateurs because life is short and there is no time to truly become an expert.

- An expert is a man who has made all those mistakes in which it is possible to incur operating in a particularly limited field.

- True expert is one who knows many mistakes that can be made in his field of competence, for this reason he often manages to avoid them.

- The expert is a character who makes mistakes like other people, however he continues to try to increase his experience.

- Scientific debates to be undertaken between experts, and not between people who do not know the subject matter of discussion.

- An expert has made all the possible errors in his knowledge and has not forgotten even one.

- A man stops being a beginner in a given sector and becomes an expert when he understands that he will actually remain a beginner for the rest of his life.

- The expert is the one who knows more and more about less and less until you get to know everything about nothing.

- If an expert on the stock exchange was truly expert, he would buy shares rather than sell advice.

- Experts usually explain why it is not possible to achieve a certain thing, instead the artists manage to create something unique from nothing.

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