Phrases to leave a girl without making her suffer


Collection of phrases to leave a person, be it a girl or a boy, a married woman or a man, words to say useful to try to relieve the pain of detachment without making people suffer.

Words to leave

- Nobody manages to tie a thunder, and nobody manages to appropriate the skies of the other at the moment of abandonment. (Luis Sepùlveda)

- I'll leave you but know that I'm doing it especially for you.

- Classic: now that he can't have her he can't live without her anymore! (Jude Law)

- Every relationship comes to a critical moment, comes to a crossroads: go ahead or break up; that moment I call it "therefore". (Zac Efron)

- I feel I need more right now and I prefer to be alone.

- Time and not will will end love. (Publilio Siro)

- I can't leave you or forget you: the world would lose its colors, they would die forever in the dark of night, the crazy songs, the crazy tales. (Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov)

- I tried with all my strength to keep you tied to me, but I discovered that I was wrong because hearts cannot be handcuffed and you know that too.

- The hardest thing is to understand why you loved a woman you no longer love. (Henri Francois Joseph De Régnier)

- I found myself repeating the echo of each sentence uttered, remembering his silence, his actions, his movements, his expressions and the touch of his hands, until I understood the sense of farewell. (Khalil Gibran)

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- We broke up on April 1st: I still believe it's a joke! (Takeshi Kaneshiro)

- Many were abandoned by their loved one, yet they managed to transform bitterness into happiness. (Paulo Coelho)

- Even if my lips have to say goodbye to you, my heart is actually not yet capable of it, but unfortunately it is a decision that I cannot help but make.

- No souvenirs are given when you leave. (Marcel Achard)

- The stories do not end until we have closed all the accounts, until we have put a point with the head or the heart. (Clara Sanchez)

- Very often, in order to find out that we are in love, perhaps even to become it, the day of separation must come. (Marcel Proust)

- For a while maybe I will continue to scream your name in my heart. But eventually the wound will heal. (David Grossman)

- Our love is over and I believe that our relationship has become highly insignificant at this point.

- It is undoubtedly hard to be no longer loved when you love; but nothing compared to being still loved when you no longer love. (Georges Courteline)

- If a girl leaves, I make a film about myself. (Joao Costa Menezes)

- After a dozen steps we turned around, because love is a duel, and we looked at each other for the last time. (Jack Kerouac)

- Never give up on your boyfriend if you don't have someone better. (Arthur Bloch)

- I feel inside me that something that bound us has now broken and no longer beats my heart as it happened in the good old days.

- It is impossible to love a second time what you don't really love anymore. (Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

- I keep it true, whatever happens: I feel it when I suffer the most: it is better to have loved, and lost, than never to have loved. (Lord Alfred Tennyson)

How to leave a girl you love

- I don't want to upset your dreams: it is bad for your rest. You will no longer hear me: I close the door slowly. And while I am leaving I write "Goodbye" on your door: so that you understand that I was still thinking about you. (Franz Schubert)

- Saying goodbye doesn't matter. It is the time spent together that really matters. (Trey Parker)

- By now we have realized that we are too different, the incompatibility of character dwells between us, our understanding no longer works, so it is better to close it here.

- It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost completely. (Samuel Butler)

- Don't cry for a man who left you - the next one might fall in love with your smile. (Mae West)

- Time has changed us both, for better or for worse I don't know, the fact is that we are no longer what we once were, when we met and loved for a long time, but now we just have to turn the page not to ruin what is beautiful there was between us.

- I'm willing to lose you like this, if I don't lose you today. I will let you go. If you stay. (Gayle Forman)

- Despite the fact that you love yourself so much, I feel that your love is much greater, believe me I don't feel up to it and I don't want to disappoint you, you don't deserve it and I would never forgive myself.

- A wife leaves you when she stops finding the qualities you've never had in you. (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt)

- Why can't you do it when you want to lose? (Jennifer Love Hewitt)

- I believe that love must also be animated by mutual complicity, but now I feel that this no longer exists between us, we have expired in the daily monotony and we no longer walk towards the horizons we had set ourselves at the beginning of our story.

- It is very difficult to break up when you no longer love each other. (Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

- Love runs to meet love with the joy with which schoolchildren escape from their books; but the love that must separate from love has the sad face of schoolchildren when they return to school. (William Shakespeare)

- It has always happened that love has ignored how deep it was until the moment of detachment. (Khalil Gibran)

- It was a long time ago, and now I don't know anything about her, which was once everything. But everything passes. (Bertol Brecht)

- I begin to understand what it means to close a story. Nothing to do with a dramatic before and after. It looks more like a kind of melancholy that you feel at the end of a beautiful holiday. (Gayle Forman)

- Nothing separates two people more than coexistence. (Marie Von Ebner Eschenbach)

- A woman even forgets the favors granted to a man when he no longer loves him. (Jean De La Bruyère)

- Those who remain friends with ex don't understand them. (Timothy Hutton)

- Know that it is very sad to say goodbye, since I loved you very much, I find strength only with the certainty that you will understand me once again and that the good memories of the time spent together will never fade.

- You were my little girl. And I knew your every fear. What a joy it was to hold you in your arms and kiss your tears away but now you're gone there is only pain and nothing I can do and I don't want to live this life if I can't live it with you. (Sid Vicious)

- The most extraordinary woman ever met is the one who just broke up. (Jules Renard)

- Don't ask me the reasons why I leave you, as the list is long and could make you cry for hours.

- It is a misfortune not to be loved; but it is an affront not to be anymore. (Marcel Proust)

- Things are breaking all the time. Glasses, plates, nails. The promises. The hearts. (Jodi Lynn Picoult)

Funny phrases to leave a girl

- Only if we imagined ourselves as two pieces of gruyere would we be comfortable in this relationship inexorably molded by the passage of time.

- Everyone happens to lose a love. Every time it happens to me I run away because I throw all the fluids away from my body and I don't have any more tears left. (Takeshi Kaneshiro)

- It is always those who love most who are tyrannized and, what is worse, sooner or later abandoned. (Honoré De Balzac)

- Each of the two had slowly found a different karmic current and had seen the other sliding towards a different destiny ... does it ever really end? Of course yes, it was over. (Joanna Newsom)

- Do not take our separation as a break, on the contrary live it serenely as a magnificent holiday!

- If someone leaves it is because someone else will come - I will meet love again. (Paulo Coelho)

- Let's leave it alone with me or with someone else now it doesn't make any difference anymore, don't you think?

- Some loves die of doubt, mine died of certainty. And I left you. (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt)

- Seducing a woman is within the reach of the first imbecile. But we must also know how to break; and it is from this that a mature man is recognized. (Milan Kundera)

- When she leaves you because she will have found two eyes more beautiful than yours, other hands to hold, another mouth to kiss ... don't hate her, but remember the moments you spent together and thank her ... because she gave you a little of her life. (Jim Morrison)

- It is better to cut it off here, you will have realized that you had a wrong idea of ​​me.

- For a period of my adolescence, each of my girlfriends was the right one and every breakup was experienced as the worst thing that could ever happen. (Edgar Wright)

- And slowly you forget troubles and torments, you begin to write them, to beg her to come back with you. (David Lynch)

- How do you look at the woman you love and tell you it's time to get away from her? (Channing Tatum)

- There was a single, clear star in the rose-colored sky, a boat launched a disconsolate farewell, and I felt in my throat the Gordian knot of all the loves that could have been and had not been. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

- Conquering the soul of a girl is an art, knowing how to get rid of it is a masterpiece. (Soren Kierkegaard)

- I don't love you anymore, but I always love you. I don't want to know you anymore, but I can't do without you. (George Sand)

- Look, I'll be straightforward, I'm so attracted to your friend, give me the number and let's end it here.

- You are truly cured of a woman only when you are not even curious about who you forget. (Paul Charles Bourget)

- It is difficult to suddenly heal a long lasting love. (Gaius Valerio Catullo)

- If I should meet you after many years, how should I greet you? With silence and tears. (Lord Byron)

- Can you explain why you wanted to be with me? I'm cold and calculating, I don't like being with the same person for long.

- A relationship failure is almost always a communication failure. (Zygmunt Bauman)

- I love you so much that if I ever wanted to leave me, I would go away with you. (Wiet Van Broeckhoven)

- There will be no farewell as long as the memories are present. (Isabel Allende)

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