Picardy (France): what to see in the region


What to see in Picardy, itinerary of the main places of interest in the region of France, including Amiens and Laon with their cathedrals.

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Region of France, Picardy reveals a grandiose religious heritage.

Famous for the renowned Gothic Cathedral Notre-Dame of Amiens, it offers numerous other architectural treasures, made up of monasteries, churches and castles.

Moving, one after another, varied landscapes including forests, woods, wheat fields, chalk cliffs and sandy beaches along the coast.

What see

Among the main places to visit is Amiens, a city famous for its Notre Dame Cathedral, which is the largest building of this type in France, having a harmonious structure built in the Gothic style.

The Municipal Circus of the city was built on a project by a pupil of Gustave Eiffel, Emile Ricquier, and inaugurated by Giulio Verne towards the end of the nineteenth century, when celebrations were held for the first centenary since the French Revolution, on the occasion of the feast of Saint John.

The Perret Tower is one of the first skyscrapers to be built in Europe, a 110-meter high building with 30 floors, built on a project by architect Auguste Perret.

The House of Giulio Verne since 2006 can be visited as a museum, the well-known writer is buried in the cemetery of the town.

Hortillonnages are a collection of canals and gardens near the city center.

It is possible to navigate the channels with flat-bottomed boats.

Porto d’Amont is the neighborhood where the city market is held on the water every week.

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Other places to visit are Laon, with its famous Gothic cathedral, the fortified churches of Thierache, the Saint Gobain forest and the nature reserve located on Marsh island.

Oise is the territory of large forests, suitable for sports activities, where there are impressive castles, Gothic cathedrals, abbeys and royal cities rich in history and traditions.

France’s Picardy region, the heartland of cathedrals (November 2022)

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