Places of worship: pilgrimages and prayer shrines


Links to the major sites of Catholic spirituality, related to places of worship where you can enrich and discover your inner religious faith.

Religious faith in places of worship

The word faith in the religious sphere means fidelity to the values ​​and indications of one's religion where certain truths are considered true a priori without any scientific demonstration.

It expresses a means of relating to God whose existence is believed to be certain and helps to better understand some questions of life that would otherwise remain unanswered.

The worship of a religion is the fullness of religious practice, that care due to the God in whom you believe and his temple.

The word cult derives from Latin and means care, cultivation and worship.

In particular, for Catholics and Orthodox worship is only due to God while veneration can be offered to the saints. Worship events are the various rituals that can include prayers and hymns recited or sung, the conservation of relics and the creation of painted images (icons), statues and crucifixes.

The cult is also expressed in the attendance of sacred places, such as shrines and churches, on which the attention of the faithful is concentrated on religious holidays or as a destination for a spiritual pilgrimage.

Catholic religion

The Catholic religion can be defined as the Christian religion that recognizes the Pope of the Vatican, that which recognizes the universal church founded by Jesus Christ through Saint Peter which includes all Christians who received the sacrament of Baptism.

Faith and places of worship

By the word faith is meant the act of believing in something or someone on the basis of personal conviction without certain scientific evidence.

Worship, a term of Latin origin that means adoration, represents the care to be reserved for the god in whom you believe and his shrine.

The Vatican The Vatican: official site of the Holy See The Vatican is a small independent city where the Holy See reigns by means of the authority that the Catholic Church confers on the Pope. With less than half a square kilometer of territorial surface and geographically located on the right bank of the river Tiber within Rome, Vatican City represents the smallest independent state in the world and with the lowest number of inhabitants.

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The grotto of Lourdes Sanctuary of Lourdes: official site Lourdes is a town in France located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range and crossed by the Gave river. It was from 1858 that he assumed that international fame due to the apparitions of the Madonna to Bernadette Soubirous, a simple and still very young peasant woman.

Father Pio Padre Pio: Convent of the Capuchin Friars Minor "Santa Maria delle Grazie" Padre Pio of Pietralcina was proclaimed saint under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II in 2002. The feast of St. Pio of Pietralcina, included in the liturgical calendar, is celebrated on September 23 of each year, a date which coincides with the anniversary of death. Very revered both alive and dead San Pio had a very nice and human character even if at times he seemed a little rude in his ways.

The Holy Shroud The Holy Shroud: the frontal and dorsal imprint of a crucified man. The Holy Shroud is a linen sheet kept in the Cathedral of Turin on which you can see the image of a man who probably died by crucifixion after suffering heavy torture. The name has Greek origins and is used to qualify a good linen fabric. In-depth discussions and research have been carried out around this finding by experts who in the majority of cases have had the result of believing that it may have been the sheet with which the body of Jesus was wrapped when, detached from the cross, he was deposited in the tomb. The Shroud is periodically exposed to the public through ostensions that repeat themselves after a certain number of years.

Our Lady of Medjugorje Medjugorje site Medugorje is a small town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the foot of two hills. It has been since 1981 that this location has become famous following the Marian apparitions that some visionaries, at that time still teenagers, claim to have had and in some cases say they still have. The Virgin Mary would manifest herself as Queen of Peace who on the 25th of each month sends a message to all the faithful with an unceasing invitation to prayer. Although these apparitions have not yet been officially recognized by the Catholic Church, this place is the destination of numerous pilgrimages every year.

Fatima Sanctuary of Fatima In Fatima there is one of the major Marian shrines, an expression of the faith linked to the apparitions of the Madonna in this place which took place in 1917 in front of three shepherd children named Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta Marto.

Radio Maria Radio Maria, a Catholic radio born in Italy in 1983 in Erba in the Como area, has gradually expanded its coverage over the years to cover all regions of Italy and some other countries in the world. To cover expenses, it relies almost entirely on the offers of its listeners, excluding any form of advertising revenue. Numerous volunteers collaborate incessantly for the realization of the transmissions, both on and off site, to always keep this service active and spread. As Pope John Paul II said, this broadcaster has the main purpose of making Christians grow in faith and on the path of holiness.

santiago de compostela The journey of Santiago de Compostela represents a long journey of faith undertaken by faithful pilgrims since the Middle Ages to reach the tomb of Saint James the Apostle kept in the sanctuary.

The Rosary is an important prayer of ancient origins used in the Catholic Church. Introduced by the Dominican order in the late Middle Ages, it spread in the seventeenth century through the work of the Confraternities of the Holy Rosary. This devotional prayer is mainly composed of five dozen Ave Maria interspersed with the meditation of various Mysteries to commemorate significant episodes in the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The meaning of the name is that of 'crown of roses', wanting to refer to it what is the Marian flower by definition or the rose.

Holy Rosary online audio

Walsingham Shrine Welcome Video by Hannah Brodie Photography & Videography (April 2024)

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