Poggibonsi (Tuscany): what to see


What to see in Poggibonsi, an itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Church of San Lorenzo, as well as interesting excursions to do in the surroundings, including the one to San Lucchese and Staggia Senese.

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Town of Tuscany located in the province of Siena on the right of the Elsa river, Poggibonsi is known for being a wine production area, as well as a home for furniture factories.

Known since the eighth century as Podium Bonitil, in the year 1000 it was annexed to the Florentine territories, while in 1220 it became an autonomous municipality.

Contention between Siena and Florence, it entered into an alliance with the Sienese, later, after various vicissitudes, it returned under the dominion of the Florentine state.

In Piazza Savonarola overlooks the fourteenth-century Church of San Lorenzo, heavily restored following the serious damage reported in the Second World War.

Inside, in the apse there is a wooden crucifix dating back to the early years of the fourteenth century.

What see

The excursions to be carried out in the surrounding area include the one in San Lucchese, a town located about 2 km away, where, after passing the Fonte delle Fate, characterized by splendid Gothic arches from the 1200s, you arrive at the Convent, which includes the Church rebuilt in the fourteenth century on the previous one which was in Romanesque style.

Notable works of art are preserved in the single nave Gothic interior.

At 7 km there is Staggia Senese, a fortified village of eighteenth-century origin, with walls and towers, built by the Florentines.

Above you can see the fifteenth century Cassero, while in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta there is a museum where the Communion of Santa Maria Maddalena is housed, an interesting fifteenth-century work created by Antonio del Pollaiolo.

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