Porto Torres (Sardinia): what to see


What to see in Porto Torres, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Basilica of San Gavino, the Turritano Antiquarium and the Roman Bridge.

Tourist information

Port city located in the Gulf of Asinara, Porto Torres in the past was the Carthaginian center, then a Roman colony at the time of Julius Caesar, before becoming a municipality thanks to the strategic position of its port.

In the medieval period it was the subject of contention between Pisani and Genovesi.

Among the things to see on the island, there is the Romanesque Basilica of San Gavino, built around the year 1000 in the typical forms of the Pisan Romanesque, in the twelfth century it was integrated with the apses.

Without a facade, it has double-order sides of dense arches, opened by single lancet windows, two fifteenth-century Gothic-Catalan portals and a Romanesque portal.

Inside three naves, divided by remarkable pillars and columns, there is a crypt where three Roman sarcophagi containing the relics of Saints Gavino, Proto and Gianuario, martyred under the emperor Diocletian are visible.

What see

In the archaeological area it is possible to see fragments of streets, remains of Roman houses and the Palazzo di Re Barbaro, which was a spa complex dating back to the end of the first century.

Objects from the excavations are collected in the Turritan antiquarium, including interesting architectural fragments.

Nearby is the seven-arched Roman bridge which crosses the Mannu river.

Nearby, 7 km away, is the seaside resort Platamone Lido, which also overlooks the Gulf of Asinara and has a large beach lined with pine trees.

In the first hinterland there is the Platamona pond, renowned for its abundance of fish, while the beach stretches up to Marina di Sorso.

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The recommended excursions to do in the surrounding area include the one at Capo del Falcone, located 37 km in the northwestern end of the island, from which you can see the island of Piana and the island of Asinara.

At 31 km there is Stintino, a summer resort with a marina.

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