Professional audio cables: types, which to choose


Guide to the choice, among the various types, of professional audio cables for a hi-fi audio and hdmi video system to optimize connections, obtaining maximum listening purity.

Importance of cables in hi-fi systems

Since the late 1980s, connecting cables in both audio and video hi-fi systems have been given increasing importance.

Although there is no instrument capable of assessing whether one cable is better than another in audio terms, many rightly and rightly claim that in many cases there is a real improvement in the final sound.

Cables are divided into four main categories:

Hi-fi audio digital audio cables

They are used for the transmission of the signal between digital outputs and inputs of devices equipped with them. There are digital coaxial cables and digital fiber optic cables.

RcA signal audio cables

They are used to connect the different electronics and sources together.

Hi-end power audio cables for speakers

They have the function of connecting the power outputs of the integrated or final amplifiers to the loudspeakers.

Hi end power cables

Specially designed to connect the various appliances to the mains.

Ofc copper, silver or mixed silver and copper cables. Braided cables

The most used material, except in the case of digital fiber optic cable, is copper and in many cases ofc copper, i.e. sheathed without oxygen to avoid oxidation which would reduce electrical conductivity, which offers greater purity.

In other cases, silver or a mixed silver-copper solution is used. There are single-wire solutions insulated from each other with PVC or Teflon.

It is important that each cable has good shielding from radio frequency disturbances and is of adequate diameter also based on the length required.

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Gold-plated rca connectors

It is advisable to purchase signal cables with golden rca connectors plugs sealed in order to exclude any internal oxidation of the contacts.

As for the power cables, which can be purchased by the meter, it is also advisable to equip them with banana connectors, bayonet connectors or gold-plated spade connectors depending on the sockets available on the back of the amplifier and speakers.

Understanding Audio Cables & Connectors (April 2024)

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