Psalm 10: complete, commentary


CommentThe enemies of the author of Psalm 10 fall back when he defends God despite being fierce enemies and perched in superb fortresses.

Psalm 10 complete

[1] To the choir master. Softly. Psalm. Di Davide.

[2] I will praise the Lord with all my heart and announce all your wonders.

[3] I rejoice in you and exult, I sing hymns to your name, O Most High.

[4] While my enemies retreat, they stumble and perish before you,

[5] because you have supported my right and my cause; sit on the throne just judge.

[6] You have threatened the nations, you have exterminated the wicked, their name has been erased forever, forever.

[7] The fortresses of the enemy are destroyed forever, the memory of the cities you have destroyed has disappeared.

[8] But the Lord is seated forever; erects his throne for judgment:

[9] he will judge the world with justice, with righteousness he will decide the causes of peoples.

[10] The Lord will be a shelter for the oppressed, in times of distress a safe haven.

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[11] Let all who know your name trust you, lest you abandon those who seek you, Lord.

[12] Sing hymns to the Lord, who dwells in Zion, narrate his works among the peoples.

[13] Vindice of the blood, he recalls, does not forget the cry of the afflicted.

[14] Have mercy on me, Lord, see my misery, the work of my enemies, you who tear me from the threshold of death,

[15] so that I may proclaim your praises, exult for your salvation at the gates of the city of Zion.

[16] The peoples sink into the pit they dug, their foot entangles in the net they tended.

[17] The Lord made himself manifest, did justice; the wicked fell into the net, the work of his hands.

[18] Let the wicked return to the underworld, all peoples who forget God.

[19] Because the poor will not be forgotten, the hope of the afflicted will not be disappointed.

[20] Arise, Lord, let man not prevail: before you be judged the nations.

[21] Fill them with fear, Lord, let the people know that they are mortal.

[22] Why, Lord, do you stay away, in the time of anguish you hide?

[23] The miserable succumbs to the pride of the wicked and falls into the pitfalls plotted.

[24] The wicked prides himself on his longings, the miser curses, despises God.

[25] The insolent wicked man despises the Lord: "God does not care: God does not exist"; this is his thought.

[26] His exploits always succeed. Your judgments are too high for him: he despises all his opponents.

[27] He thinks, "I will never be shaken, I will always live without misfortunes."

[28] His mouth is full of perjury, fraud and deception, under his tongue are iniquity and abuse.

[29] Lurking behind hedges, he kills the innocent from hiding places.

[30] His eyes spy on the unhappy, he lurks in the shadows like a lion in the lair. He is lurking to grab the poor, he grabs the poor by drawing him into the net.

[31] He suddenly rages on the oppressed, the unhappy fall under his violence.

[32] He thinks: "God forgets, hides his face, sees nothing more".

[33] Arise, Lord, raise your hand, do not forget the poor.

[34] Why does the wicked man despise God and think: "He will not ask for it"?

[35] Yet you see anxiety and pain, all you look at and take in your hands. The poor are abandoned to you, you are the support of the orphan. Break the arm of the wicked and the wicked.

[36] Punish his sin and no longer find it.

[37] The Lord is king forever, forever: the people have disappeared from his land.

[38] You accept, Lord, the desire of the poor, strengthen their hearts, give ear

[39] to do justice to the orphan and the oppressed; and the man made of earth no longer inspires terror.

Psalm 10 • Arise, O LORD; forget not the afflicted (January 2022)

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