Psalm 108: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 108 is made up of extracts from Psalms 56 and 59 with the introduction of some variations. It opens with the hymn that speaks of the fortitude of the heart of the writer with the desire to praise the Lord among the nations. It ends in the belief that with God who believes can do truly great things.

Psalm 108 complete

[1] Singing. Psalm. Di Davide.

[2] My heart is steadfast, God, my heart is firm: I want to sing hymns, my soul.

[3] Wake up, harp and harp, I want to wake up the dawn.

[4] I will praise you among peoples, Lord, I will sing hymns to you among the nations,

[5] because your goodness is great to the heavens and your truth to the clouds.

[6] Stand up, God, above the heavens, on all the earth your glory.

[7] So that your friends are freed,

[8] God spoke in his sanctuary: “I will exult, I want to divide Shechem and measure the valley of Succot;

[9] mine is Gilead, my Manasseh, Ephraim is my head's helmet, Judas my scepter.

[10] Moab is the basin for washing me, on Idumea I will throw my sandals, on Philistea I will sing victory ".

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[11] Who will guide me to the fortified city, who will lead me to Idumea?

[12] Have you not, God, who rejected us and no longer go out, God, with our armies?

[13] Bring help to the enemy, for man's salvation is in vain.

[14] With God we will do great things and he will destroy those who oppress us.

Psalm 108 • Trusting God even when things look bleak (November 2021)

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