Psalm 112: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 112 speaks of the righteous who he considers blessed because fearing the Lord he is not afraid but shrewd in respecting the commandments, an action which instead of costing him sacrifice gives him great peace and true joy.

Psalm 112 complete

[1] Alleluia. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord and finds great joy in his commandments.

[2] His lineage will be powerful on earth, the offspring of the righteous will be blessed.

[3] Honor and wealth in his home, his justice remains forever.

[4] Sprout in darkness as a light for the righteous, good, merciful and just.

[5] Happy is the compassionate man who borrows, manages his property with justice.

[6] He will not waver forever: The righteous will always be remembered.

[7] He will not fear the announcement of doom, his heart is steadfast, he trusts in the Lord.

[8] His heart is sure, he does not fear, until he triumphs over his enemies.

[9] He gives widely to the poor, his justice remains forever, his power rises in glory.

[10] The wicked see and get angry, grind their teeth and wear themselves out. But the desire of the wicked fails.

Psalm 112 • The heart of a God-centered life (February 2021)

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