Psalm 12: complete, commentary


Comment Psalm 12 is a prayer against lying lips that speak hypocrisy to the good ones by oppressing them, with the certainty of the truth and promises that come from the word of God.

Psalm 12 complete

[1] To the choir master. The eighth. Psalm. Di Davide.

[2] Save me, Lord! There is no longer a faithful man; loyalty among the children of man has disappeared.

[3] Lies are said to each other, lying lips speak with a double heart.

[4] Cut off the Lord's lying lips, the tongue that speaks arrogant words,

[5] those who say: "For our language we are strong, we defend ourselves with our lips: who will be our master?".

[6] "For the oppression of the poor and the groan of the poor, I will rise - says the Lord - I will save those who are despised".

[7] The sayings of the Lord are pure, refined silver in the crucible, purified in the fire seven times.

[8] You, O Lord, will guard us, you will watch us from these people forever.

[9] As the wicked roam around, the worst of men emerge.

Psalm 12 • The faithful have vanished! (April 2024)

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