Psalm 29: complete, commentary


CommentThe psalmist in Psalm 29 addresses the children of God who allow themselves to be duped by idols after losing all hope in the God of Israel. In reality, the power and glory of God have not diminished, his people will still receive help against those who have led astray and peace in Christ will be rediscovered.

Psalm 29 complete

[1] Psalm. Di Davide. Give to the Lord, children of God, give the Lord glory and power.

[2] Give the Lord the glory of his name, prostrate yourselves to the Lord in holy ornaments.

[3] The Lord thunders on the waters, the God of glory unleashes the thunder, the Lord, on the immensity of the waters.

[4] The Lord thunders with strength, the Lord thunders with power.

[5] The thunder of the Lord crashes the cedars, the Lord crashes the cedars of Lebanon.

[6] He makes Lebanon and Sirion jump like a calf like a young buffalo.

[7] Thunder throws flames of fire,

[8] thunder shakes the steppe, the Lord shakes the desert of Kades.

[9] Thunder brings forth the hinds and strips the forests. In his temple everyone says: "Glory!".

[10] The Lord is seated on the storm, the Lord sits king forever.

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[11] The Lord will give strength to his people and will bless his people with peace.

Psalm 29 • Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name! (May 2022)

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