Psalm 5: complete, commentary


CommentIn Psalm 5 the psalmist turns to God with an incessant prayer from morning to evening, waiting for his help to face all the difficulties caused to him by his enemies.

Psalm 5 complete

[1] To the choir master. For flutes. Psalm. Di Davide.

[2] Incline your ear, Lord, to my words: you mean my complaint.

[3] Hear the voice of my cry, O my king and my God, because I pray thee, Lord.

[4] In the morning listen to my voice; since the morning I invoke you and I am waiting.

[5] You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil; with you the wicked one finds no home;

[6] fools do not hold your gaze. You hate those who do evil,

[7] make liars perish. The Lord hates bloodthirsty and deceiving.

[8] But for your great mercy I will enter your house; I will prostrate myself with fear in your holy temple.

[9] Lord, guide me righteously before my enemies; pave your way before me.

[10] There is no sincerity on their mouth, their hearts are full of perfidy; their throat is an open sepulcher, their tongue is all flattery.

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[11] Condemn them, O God, succumb to their plots, for so many of their misdemeanors, because they have rebelled against you.

[12] Let those in you take refuge, rejoice without end. You protect them and those who love your name will rejoice in you.

[13] Lord, you bless the righteous: your kindness covers him as a shield.

Psalm 5 • Give Ear to My Words, O Lord (August 2022)

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