Psalm 51: complete, commentary


CommentIn Psalm 51 the author begins by invoking mercy on God because he feels dirty within sin, feels remorse and feels sad. He knows that he has sinned against the Lord and affirms it by repeating it several times, saying that he has done everything that is wrong in the eyes of God. Once this is done, she offers her weakness as a creature wounded by the ancient guilt with which she was born, aware that God rewards sincerity in recognizing her own mistakes, teaching in the secret of the heart the wisdom from which the desire to be purified arises, to finally be free from all the misfortunes that have come upon him. He still begs God to create in him a pure heart and a renewed strong spirit now weakened by sin, although he knows that temptation is always lurking, he would not want to have ever done it but he knows he is vulnerable, for this he humbly asks for help and support for his weaknesses human.

Psalm 51 complete

[1] To the choir master. Psalm. Di Davide.

[2] When the prophet Nathan came to him after he had sinned with Bathsheba.

[3] Have mercy on me, O God, according to your mercy; in your great goodness erase my sin.

[4] Wash me from all my sins, cleanse me from my sin.

[5] I recognize my guilt, my sin is always before me.

[6] Against you, against you alone I have sinned, what is bad in your eyes, I did it; therefore you are right when you speak, righteous in your judgment.

[7] Behold, in guilt I was begotten, in sin my mother conceived me.

[8] But you want the sincerity of the heart and teach me wisdom inwardly.

[9] Purify me with hyssop and I will be world; wash me and I will be whiter than the snow.

[10] Make me feel joy and gladness, the bones you have broken will exult.

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[11] Look away from my sins, wipe out all my faults.

[12] Create in me, O God, a pure heart, renew in me a steadfast spirit.

[13] Do not reject me from your presence and do not deprive me of your holy spirit.

[14] Give me the joy of being saved, support a generous soul in me.

[15] I will teach the wanderers your ways and sinners will return to you.

[16] Deliver me from the blood, God, my salvation, my tongue will exalt your righteousness.

[17] Lord, open my lips and my mouth proclaim your praise;

[18] because you do not like sacrifice and, if I offer burnt offerings, you do not accept them.

[19] A contrite spirit is sacrifice to God, a heart broken and humiliated, God, you do not despise.

[20] In your love, give grace to Zion, raise the walls of Jerusalem.

[21] Then you will appreciate the sacrifices prescribed, the holocaust and the entire oblation, then they will sacrifice victims on your altar.

Psalm 51 • Coming to God when we fail (May 2021)

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