Psalm 64: complete, commentary


CommentHe who prays in Psalm 64 must be identified with a man made the object of constant hostility by other men who defame him and trick him, threaten him and carry out actions towards him for intimidating purposes, to destroy him morally, leading him to exasperation, and induce him to make a mistake that leads him to ruin in court. But the righteous one rejoices and trusts in the Lord.

Psalm 64 complete

[1] Psalm. Di Davide. To the choir master.

[2] Hear, God, the voice of my lament, from the terror of the enemy, preserve my life.

[3] Protect me from the conspiracy of the wicked from the tumult of the wicked.

[4] They sharpen their tongue like a sword, they throw bitter words like arrows

[5] to secretly strike the innocent; they strike him by surprise and are not afraid.

[6] They persist in doing evil, they agree to hide traps; they say, "Who can see them?"

[7] They meditate iniquity, implement their plots: a bàratro is man and his heart an abyss.

[8] But God strikes them with his arrows: suddenly they are injured,

[9] their own tongue will make them fall; whoever shakes their heads when they see them.

[10] Then all will be taken with fear, will announce the works of God and understand what he has done.

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[11] The righteous will rejoice in the Lord and put his hope in him, the upright in heart will gain glory.

Psalm 64 • The outward and the inward battle (May 2022)

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