Psalm 69: complete, commentary


CommentReading Psalm 69 it is customary to date it at the time of Hezekiah, in the period following Sennacherib's campaign against Judea and the avoided siege of Jerusalem for an epidemic that had hit the army. Judea had been devastated by the battle of Sennacherib, during which 46 cities were conquered. With this premise we see the pious Jew, who speaks in the psalm, finding himself in contrast with those who see Egypt as a solution to the evils of the nation, forgetting God and converting to religious relativism. He hopes for peace of heart that can only be achieved by converting to God, a change of vision of things that he feels he can propose in the time of benevolence represented by the sabbatical year.

Psalm 69 complete

[1] To the choir master. On "I lilies". Di Davide.

[2] Save me, O God: the water reaches my throat.

[3] I sink into the mud and have no support; I fell into deep water and the wave overwhelms me.

[4] I am exhausted from shouting, my jaws are parched; my eyes wear out waiting for my God.

[5] More numerous than my head's hair are those who hate me for no reason. The enemies who slander me are powerful: how much have I not stolen, should I return it?

[6] God, you know my foolishness and my faults are not hidden from you.

[7] Let not whoever hopes in you be confused, O Lord, God of hosts; I am not ashamed of those who seek you, God of Israel.

[8] For you I bear the insult and shame covers my face;

[9] I am a stranger to my brothers, a stranger to my mother's children.

[10] Since zeal for your house devours me, the insults of those who insult you fall upon me.

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[11] I was exhausted in fasting and it was a shame for me.

[12] I wore a lot of clothing and became their mockery.

[13] Those who sat at the door were shedding me, the drunks mocking me.

[14] But I raise my prayer to you, Lord, in the time of benevolence; for the greatness of your goodness, answer me, for the faithfulness of your salvation, O God.

[15] Save me from the mud, which I do not sink, free me from my enemies and from the deep waters.

[16] The waves of the waters do not submerge me and the vortex does not overwhelm me, the abyss does not close its mouth on me.

[17] Answer me, Lord, your grace is beneficial; turn to me in your great tenderness.

[18] Do not hide your face from your servant, I am in danger: hurry up, answer me.

[19] Approach me, redeem me, save me from my enemies.

[20] You know my shame, my shame and my dishonor; in front of you are all my enemies.

[21] The insult broke my heart and I fail. I waited for compassion, but in vain, comforters, but I have not found any.

[22] They put poison in my food and when I was thirsty they gave me vinegar.

[23] May their table be a snare to them, a snare to their banquets.

[24] Let their eyes cloud over, do not see; forever unleashes their hips.

[25] Pour out your wrath upon them, let your burning anger overtake them.

[26] Let their house be desolate, their tent without inhabitants;

[27] because they chase after him whom you have struck, they add pain to whom you have hurt.

[28] Blame them for blame and they don't get your justice.

[29] They are deleted from the book of the living and are not registered among the righteous.

[30] I am unhappy and suffering; your salvation, God, put me in safety.

[31] I will praise the name of God with song, I will exalt it with thanksgiving,

[32] that the Lord will please more than bulls, more than bulls with horns and nails.

[33] See the humble and rejoice; may the hearts of those seeking God revive,

[34] for the Lord hears the poor and does not despise his own who are prisoners.

[35] The heavens and the earth, the seas and all that moves in them should acclaim him.

[36] Because God will save Zion, he will rebuild the cities of Judah: they will live there and will have possession of them.

[37] The lineage of his servants will be his heir, and he who loves his name will dwell there.

Psalm 69 • Growing in the Darkness (May 2022)

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