Psalm 7: complete, commentary


CommentHe who prays is accused unjustly, some would like to take revenge even if in reality he has not committed any fault, but he completely trusts God.

Psalm 7 complete

[1] Lament that David made to the Lord for the words of Cus the Benjamite.

[2] Lord, my God, I take refuge in you: save me and free me from those who persecute me,

[3] so that you will not tear me to pieces like a lion, you will not tear me to pieces without anyone saving me.

[4] Lord my God, if I have done so: if there is iniquity on my hands,

[5] if I repaid my friend with evil, if I wrongly stripped my opponents,

[6] the enemy chase me and join me, trample my life on the ground and drag my honor into the dust.

[7] Arise, Lord, in your indignation, rise up against the fury of the enemies, rise up for the judgment you have established.

[8] The assembly of peoples surrounds you: from above, turn against it.

[9] The Lord decides the cause of peoples: judge me, Lord, according to my justice, according to my innocence, or Most High.

[10] Put an end to the evil of the wicked; strengthen the righteous man, you who experience mind and heart, righteous God.

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[11] My defense is in the Lord, he saves the upright in heart.

[12] God is righteous judge, his indignation lights up every day.

[13] Does he not return to sharpen his sword, to stretch and aim his bow?

[14] He prepares instruments of death, he burns his arrows.

[15] Behold, the wicked produces injustice, conceives malice, gives birth to lies.

[16] He digs a deep well and falls into the pit he has made;

[17] his malice falls on his head, his violence falls on his head.

[18] I will praise the Lord for his righteousness and sing the name of God, the Most High.

Psalm 7 • O God, My Righteous Judge (May 2022)

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