Psalm 73: complete, commentary


CommentIn Psalm 73, the author illustrates the difficulties encountered in the face of the realization that the wicked and the arrogant go through a period of prosperity accumulating wealth, while at the right things are going very badly. The psalmist admits that he envied them, his faith almost doubted that God was not righteous. The reaction to all this is to continue to have faith, putting aside any uncertainty.

Psalm 73 complete

[1] Psalm. Asaph How good God is with the righteous, with men with a pure heart!

[2] My feet didn't nearly stumble, my footsteps wobbled,

[3] because I envied the bullies, seeing the prosperity of the wicked.

[4] There is no suffering for them, their body is healthy and healthy.

[5] They do not know the fatigue of mortals and are not affected like other men.

[6] A necklace is made of pride and violence is their dress.

[7] Iniquity comes out of their fat, evil thoughts overflow from their hearts.

[8] They scoff and speak maliciously, they threaten from above with arrogance.

[9] They raise their mouth to heaven and their tongue travels the earth.

[10] Therefore they sit high, the flood of water does not reach them.

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[11] They say: “How can God know? Is there knowledge in the Most High? ".

[12] Behold, these are the wicked: always calm, they amass wealth.

[13] In vain therefore I kept my heart pure and washed my hands in innocence,

[14] for I am struck all day, and my pain is renewed every morning.

[15] If I had said, "I will speak like them," I would have betrayed the generation of your children.

[16] I thought to understand: but it was difficult in my eyes,

[17] until I entered the sanctuary of God and understood what their end is.

[18] Behold, you put them in slippery places, you make them fall into ruin.

[19] How they are destroyed in an instant, they are finished, they perish with fear!

[20] Like a dream upon awakening, Lord, when you arise, you make their image vanish.

[21] When my heart was shaking and deep inside I was tormented,

[22] I was foolish and did not understand, before you I was like a beast.

[23] But I am with you always: you took me by the right hand.

[24] You will guide me with your advice and then you will welcome me in your glory.

[25] Who else will I have for me in heaven? Outside of you nothing I crave on earth.

[26] My flesh and my heart fail; but the rock of my heart is God, God is my fate forever.

[27] Behold, those who depart from you will perish, you destroy anyone who is unfaithful to you.

[28] My good is to be close to God: in the Lord God I have placed my refuge, to narrate all your works near the gates of the city of Zion.

Psalm 73 • Seeing my life correctly (April 2024)

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