Psalm 74: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 74 was written after the destruction of the temple by the Babylonians. The destruction of the places of worship of Israel, left standing despite the great centralization that took place after the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, is presented.

Psalm 74 complete

[1] Maskil. Asaph O God, why do you reject us forever, why does your anger blaze up against the flock of your pasture?

[2] Remember the people you bought in ancient times. You have redeemed the tribe that is your possession, Mount Zion, where you took up residence.

[3] Turn your steps to these eternal ruins: the enemy has devastated everything in your sanctuary.

[4] Your opponents roared in your temple, and raised their banners as a sign.

[5] Like one who vibrates the ax in the thick of a forest,

[6] with the ax and ax they shattered its doors.

[7] They set your sanctuary on fire, they profaned and demolished the dwelling place of your name;

[8] thought: "Let's destroy them all"; they burned all the shrines of God in the country.

[9] We no longer see our signs, there are no more prophets and no one among us knows until ...

[10] As long as, O God, insult the adversary, will the enemy continue to despise your name?

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[11] Why do you withdraw your hand and hold your right hand in your breast?

[12] Yet God has been our king since ancient times, he has brought salvation to our land.

[13] You have divided the sea with power, you have crushed the dragons' heads on the waters.

[14] At Leviathan you broke your head, you fed it to sea monsters.

[15] Sources and streams you have given birth, you have withered perennial rivers.

[16] Yours is the day and yours is the night, the moon and the sun you created them.

[17] You set the boundaries of the earth, summer and winter you ordered them.

[18] Remember: the enemy has insulted God, a foolish people have despised your name.

[19] Do not abandon the life of those who praise you at fairs, never forget the life of your poor.

[20] Be faithful to your covenant; the corners of the earth are dens of violence.

[21] The humble do not return confused, the afflicted and the poor praise your name.

[22] Arise, God, defend your cause, remember that the fool insults you all day.

[23] Do not forget the noise of your enemies; the turmoil of your opponents grows endlessly.

Psalm 74 • Arise, O God, defend your cause (August 2021)

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