Psalm 85: complete, commentary


CommentIn psalm 85, the author remembers the way in which God brought back the deportees of Jacob from Babylon. Their sins have been forgiven by God, ending his great wrath. Recalling the great capacity that God has to forgive, the psalmist feels he has faith in him, he believes for this that all the sins of his people will be forgiven, despite the fact that, as soon as he returned from Judea, he shows doubts about the great mercy of God and for this he still experiences suffering.

Psalm 85 complete

[1] To the choir master. Of Core's children. Psalm.

[2] Lord, you have been good to your land, you have brought back the deportees of Jacob.

[3] You forgave the iniquity of your people, you blotted out all their sins.

[4] You have laid down all your anger and put an end to your great anger.

[5] Raise us up, God our salvation, and placate your indignation at us.

[6] Perhaps you will always be angry with us, from age to age will you extend your indignation?

[7] Will you not return to give us life, so that your people may rejoice in you?

[8] Lord, show us your mercy and give us your salvation.

[9] I will listen to what God the Lord says: he announces peace for his people, for his faithful, for those who return to him with all their hearts.

[10] His salvation is close to those who fear him and his glory will inhabit our land.

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[11] Mercy and truth will meet, justice and peace will kiss.

[12] Truth will sprout from the earth and justice will appear from heaven.

[13] When the Lord bestows his good, our land will bear fruit.

[14] Righteousness will walk before him and salvation on the way.

Psalm 85 • Revive us, O Lord! (March 2023)

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