Psalm 86: complete, commentary


CommentThe author of Psalm 86 is a Jew who shows great resistance to the pressure made by his opponents, men full of arrogance and very violent who brag about the gods they believe in. The psalmist says he is a poor creature in search of the way to go, to defend himself and organize his life in the best way, so as to walk in the truth that only God can reveal to him, for this reason he does not hesitate to ask the Lord to show him the way that he will be ready to follow with full confidence.

Psalm 86 complete

[1] plead. Di Davide. Lord, listen, answer me, because I am poor and unhappy.

[2] Guard me because I am faithful; you, my God, save your servant, who hopes in you.

[3] Have mercy on me, Lord, I cry to you all day.

[4] Rejoice the life of your servant, because to you, Lord, I raise my soul.

[5] You are good, Lord, and forgive, you are full of mercy with those who invoke you.

[6] Incline your ear, Lord, to my prayer and be attentive to the voice of my plea.

[7] On the day of anguish I raise my cry to you and you will hear me.

[8] Among the gods no one is like you, Lord, and there is nothing to match your works.

[9] All the peoples you have created will come and prostrate themselves before you, O Lord, to give glory to your name;

[10] you are great and do wonders: you alone are God.

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[11] Lord, show me your way, because in your truth I walk; give me a simple heart that fears your name.

[12] I will praise you, Lord, my God, with all my heart and I will always give glory to your name,

[13] because your mercy is great with me: from the depths of the underworld you snatched me.

[14] My God, the arrogant assault me, a host of violent people attentive to my life, they do not put you before their eyes.

[15] But you, Lord, God of mercy, compassionate, slow to anger and full of love, faithful God,

[16] turn to me and have mercy: give your servant your strength, save the handmaid's son.

[17] Give me a sign of benevolence; let my enemies see and be confused, because you, Lord, have helped and comforted me.

Psalm 86 Sermon (September 2021)

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