Psalm 88: complete, commentary


CommentThe man who wrote Psalm 88 is a deeply afflicted man, but despite this he has faith in God. He suffers because of his illness and the noted disinterest of those who thought that they would be close to him in this difficult moment. Although he does not understand why God does not accept his prayer by ending his sufferings, he manages not to give up because he feels it is essential to have faith by praying not to fall into despair.

Psalm 88 complete

[1] Singing. Psalm. Of Core's children. To the choir master. On "Macalat". By singing. Maskil. By Eman l'Ezraita.

[2] Lord, God of my salvation, I cry to you day and night.

[3] May my prayer reach you, listen to my lament.

[4] I am full of misfortunes, my life is close to the grave.

[5] I am counted among those who go down into the pit, I am like a dead man now without strength.

[6] My bed is among the dead, they are like those killed lying in the tomb, of which you do not keep the memory and which your hand has abandoned.

[7] You threw me into the deep pit, into the darkness and shadow of death.

[8] Your indignation weighs on me and with all your waves you overwhelm me.

[9] You have turned my companions away from me, you have made me a horror for them. I am a prisoner with no escape;

[10] my eyes wear out in suffering. All day I call you, Lord, towards you, holding out my hands.

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[11] Do you do wonders for the dead? Or do shadows rise to give you praise?

[12] Is your goodness celebrated in the tomb, your faithfulness in the underworld?

[13] In darkness do you know your wonders, your justice in the land of oblivion?

[14] But to you, Lord, I cry out for help, and in the morning my prayer reaches you.

[15] Why, Lord, do you reject me, why do you hide your face from me?

[16] I am unhappy and dying from childhood, I am exhausted, oppressed by your terrors.

[17] Your anger has passed over me, your fears have annihilated me,

[18] they surround me like water all day, all together they wrap me up.

[19] You have turned friends and acquaintances away from me, only darkness has accompanied me.

Psalm 88 • A cry of pain and sorrow (June 2021)

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