Puff pastry cake decorated with coffee cream


How to make millefeuille cake using ready-made puff pastry, a recipe that includes, among the necessary ingredients, almonds, fresh whipping cream for the decoration to which to add tasty coffee beans.

Ingredients for 8 people

- 2 packs of ready-made puff pastry -460 g-

- 2 dl of fresh whipping cream

- 50 g of almonds

- 50 g of granulated sugar

- 30 g of icing sugar

- 1 tablespoon of instant coffee

- some coffee beans

Preparation of decorated mille-feuille cake

Chop the almonds in the mixer with the caster sugar.

Sprinkle the two sheets with the almond and sugar mixture.

Put the sheets on two trays with their parchment paper and bake at 200 ° C for 15 minutes.

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Beat the cream until stiff, add the icing sugar, the instant coffee and refrigerate.

Remove the two sheets from the oven and let them cool, then cover one sheet with half of the whipped cream, overlap the other sheet and finally the remaining cream, leveling the surface and decorating with coffee beans.

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