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Information on Quebec, where it is located, attractions to see, geography, nature of the province of Canada, one of the main tourism destinations in the nation.

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Quebec is a province of Canada and occupies a very large territory in the eastern sector of the country.

It borders the United States in the south and the Canadian provinces of Ontario in the south west, New Brunswick in the south east and Newfoundland in the north east, faces west to James Bay, north west to the Bay of Hudson, north to the Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay and south-east to the estuary and gulf of the St. Lawrence River.

The capital of the province is the city of Québec, while the most populous city is Montréal.

Quebec is part of the region called French Canada since it has been a colony of France for over two centuries (1534-1763) with the name of New France.

The official language is French.

The territory of Quebec offers very beautiful natural environments, divided into 22 tourist regions that range between the Canadian shield in the north and the Appalachian mountain range in the south.

A territory dotted with lakes and crossed by numerous rivers, of which the largest are San Lorenzo and Ottawa, occupied by a fertile river plain, by expanses of forests, by the Arctic tundra and by the subarctic taiga and by the northern sector of the Appalachian system with the Notre Dame Mountains and the Gaspé peninsula with the Jacques Cartier mountain 1268 meters high.

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