Quick vegetarian and diet recipes


How to prepare tasty vegetarian quick and diet recipes, to make first and second courses, as well as side dishes and desserts, with simple indications for a realization within everyone's reach.

Vegetarian dishes

The vegetarian diet excludes the consumption of meat and fish, but includes animal derivatives such as eggs and dairy products, unlike the vegan diet which does not allow them.

Eggs and dairy products, together with cereals, legumes and dried fruit, provide the necessary for the proper functioning of the body and replace animal proteins.

Among the legumes, beans, lentils, soy, peas, chickpeas and fava beans stand out, while they are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron, green leafy vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, also it very important.

Various vegetable products derived from legumes can be found on the market, in particular from soy, from which soy burgers and soy milk are also obtained.

However, we must not forget those dishes that belong to traditional cuisine, brought to the table daily by several generations of families, which represent an excellent example of genuine and tasty cuisine.

In addition to these there are also recipes that lend themselves to some modifications, replacing or eliminating some ingredients to make them vegetarian without compromising the taste.

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