Quiz for friends: general knowledge questions and answers


Collection of general knowledge questions and answers regarding various topics, useful for deepening one's knowledge and for presenting interesting quizzes to friends.

Quiz questions and answers

Questions on many topics of interest to have a concise and clear answer and to help solve various types of issues within the field of general culture and concerning various sectors.

Knowing is important and everything more that comes to know keeps the mind in exercise, stimulates curiosity and the desire to always learn something new, improving one's mental abilities.

The purpose of a quiz is to ask a question or a series of questions, verbally or in writing, designed specifically with the aim of probing the candidate's degree of preparation or memory capacity to which they are asked.

The quizzes can cover any topic with questions of any type, both general and on specific subjects that require more in-depth preparation.

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20 Trivia Questions No. 11 (General Knowledge) (August 2022)

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