Resolution for digital printing: the best for every format


Practical advice on photo resolution for digital printing to be used according to the desired formats.

Which photo resolution for digital printing

When printing a digital image, which is formed by a certain number of points called "pixels", it is essential to know that each print format, for an optimal result, requires a minimum number of pixels.

In any case, it is always advisable to use the maximum resolution allowed by the camera sensor, the excess pixels never hurt and leave wider possibilities of processing with extraction of details.

For example, from an image taken at 8 megapixels, some details can be extracted by selecting an area of ​​your choice of 1600 x 1200 pixels with the graphics program in use in order to save it as a new photo and have a 10 x 15 enlarged print of the particular chosen as if I had used a larger focal lens.

For the best print quality, we recommend using the following resolutions or higher in relation to the print format to be obtained.

Print format in centimeters (l x h)| Digital image resolution in pixels (l x h in pixels)
11 x 151600 x 1200 (equivalent to 1.9 million pixels)
14 x 192080 x 1560 (equal to 3.2 million pixels)
20 x 302560 x 1920 (equivalent to 5 million pixels)
50 x 703264 x 2448 (equivalent to 8 million pixels)

If the photographs are intended for viewing on a television screen, lower resolutions are sufficient: 0.5 megapixels are sufficient to comply with the DVD standard.

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