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Witty pension quotes and sentences ready to say, funny aphorisms for retirement, nice thoughts to write to express wishes to those who have finished their career.

Phrases pension colleague

- You really deserved this retirement achievement, but don't you think that all this time has passed too quickly?

- Finally retire. We envy you a little but at the same time we thank you for all the patience you have had with us by enduring us in a friendly way.

- Congratulations on your retirement, your contribution and your company we will miss you very much!

- Retiring is a beautiful thing that will make you have a lot of free time for your interests and, if you have them, for your grandchildren!

- Now that you are retired you can dedicate yourself to your favorite pastimes that you couldn't practice before.

- If I understand correctly, retirement would mean time spent playing golf, but for me it means doing what you enjoy. (Dick Van Dyke)

- Congratulations. We will miss your contribution and your company very much.

- Chase your passion, not your retirement. (Denis Waitley)

- When you are retired, you find yourself having to make difficult choices on how to pass the time, what type of bait to use to go fishing today, where to take the dog for a walk, etc ... Of course I joke and I wish you all the best!

- In retirement, there is never enough time to do anything you want. (Bill Watterson)

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- From now on we wish you a lot of fun with lots of laughs, but don't forget your old companions who stay at work. We will miss you a lot.

- Finally retire! For this reason, we feel authorized to tell you that we loved you even if you did not let us get away even once in the performance of our tasks. Your colleagues.

- Happy birthday for your retirement Dad, but please ... find a hobby!

Witty retirement phrases

- The pensioner is twice tired. First he is tired of working, Then he is tired of not working. (Richard Armor)

- Retire. Rejoice for joy! But don't do it in front of us. We are envious!

- Finally retire! a new and certainly important period of life begins for you. Be happy for the goal achieved and always look to the future with joy and serenity.

- A retired husband is often working full time for a wife.

- As long as I have fun, I don't feel the need to retire. (Stan Lee)

- Retiring at sixty-five is ridiculous. At sixty-five, I still had pimples. (George Burns)

- Now that you are retired do not complain that you miss the job and would like to return. Best wishes from your colleagues.

- Now that you are retired, you will no longer have excuses to neglect your friends. Best wishes.

- Retiring is certainly not a drama… Think about how much free time you will have for your interests.

- The pension, whatever it is, is only the official permission to rust. (Janine Boissard)

- It is a good time for you, even more so for us who no longer have you in our way, however, we will always have you in our thoughts. Best wishes!

- If only I had known how good it is to be retired, I would never have gone to work!

- The pension is wonderful. I'm doing nothing, without worrying about someone finding out. (Gene Perret)

Nice retirement phrases

- You are finally retired now we can tell you that you were really a nice ballbreaker but we loved you anyway. Your colleagues.

- I have never heard of a jazz musician who has retired. You love what you do, so if you retire, what do you do, do you play on the walls? (Nathaniel Adderley)

- Dear Mama, from now on you will have no more excuses: now you have plenty of time to learn how to cook properly! Joke. Happy birthday for a peaceful retirement.

- Happy birthday for your retirement. And don't feel old .. The fun starts now!

- I advise you to live only to anger those who are paying for your pension. It is the only pleasure I have left. (Voltaire)

- When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally give him a watch. (RC Sherriff)

- It is a good time for you, even more so for us who no longer have you in our way even if we will continue to have you always in our thoughts. Greetings for a good retirement.

- I'd like to say goodbye to everyone and retire, but exactly what job should I stop doing? (Tommy Chong)

- Now that you are retired you will have plenty of time to take care of your private things that you could not have dedicated yourself to before.

- Sometimes those who are retired, returning to the workplace, feel the need to despise him. (Eamonn Walker)

- If you depend on your company for your retirement, your future income will be divided by five. If you take care of yourself, you can multiply your future income by five. (Jim Rohn)

- Now comes the fun part! A second youth and lots of free time. Retirement is not a goal, but the magic line of a horizon where you can slow down to collect all the dreams of a lifetime ... Best wishes!

- With the instruments already on stage I can't think of retirement. Where I come from, the meaning of this word is unknown. (Louis Armstrong)

- Good pension! You must enjoy it as much as you can!

- Nowadays, the worst part of the job is what happens to people when they stop working. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Thoughts on retirement

There are various types of retirement phrases to say in recognition of the work done, including witty retirement phrases, to play down a moment that could be sad for those who go there thinking they are no longer useful to anyone, phrases for early retirement, to say to whom for various reasons he finds himself having to retire ahead of time, phrases greeting pensions to say to a colleague or a group of colleagues who get retired after a long and honored career.

The sentences of good wishes for those who retire are used to indicate the period of the end of a working life as the beginning of a new era in which to cultivate further interests to which previously it was not possible to dedicate oneself, also commemorating with sympathy the past working time .

The pension is nothing but a recognized form of remuneration post-work typical of all industrialized companies.

In Italy, it is mainly public and is provided by specific state and para-state pension funds, professional order funds and various pension funds.

The public pension can be added to the private supplementary pension obtained by paying a voluntary periodic contribution.

The INPS, in addition to the pension based on the factor of seniority, also pays other types of pensions including the social one, for people without income, that of invalidity and reversibility, which occurs in the case of death of one of the spouses in the passage of the pension quota from the deceased to the living.

If there are periods covered by compulsory contributions with other pension managements it is possible in some cases to reunite to obtain the pension right.

Pension greeting phrases are typically used by work colleagues for retirees and can even be witty sentences for retirement if they are also fun.

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