Rice salad with seasoning


How to make rice salad, recipe with condiriso, tuna or sausage, cooked ham, mozzarella and tomatoes, to be served cold for a dish that is always ready.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 200 gr. of rice of the type that does not overcook.

- 4 boiled eggs

- a jar of vegetables in oil or condiriso commercially available

- 1 pound of cooked ham

- 1 can of tuna or a pack of frankfurters

- 4 San Marzano tomatoes

- olive oil

- 1 mozzarella of 200 gr. about

How to prepare the rice salad with seasoning

Cook the rice for the required 12 minutes, calculated from when it is thrown into the boiling water.

When cooked, drain the rice in a colander with narrow holes and, to stop cooking, cool it by passing it under a jet of cold water.

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Drain it well by mixing it with a spoon.

Once this is done, pour the rice into a salad bowl and add all the ingredients, precisely the pickles or the jar of condiriso purchased, the ham cut into small pieces, the chopped tuna with a fork, the sliced ​​tomatoes, taking care to clean them first from the seeds, finally , the chopped mozzarella.

Season everything with a generous dose of olive oil and mix carefully to mix everything well.

Serve immediately and refrigerate.

Mexican Rice Salad Recipe - Rice Salad - Super Easy Healthy & Vegan - How to make rice salad (May 2024)

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