Riga (Latvia): what to see in the capital


What to see in Riga, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Freedom Monument, the House of the Blackheads, St. Peter's Church and the Occupation Museum.

Tourist information

Capital of Latvia, Riga is located on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Daugava river.

In the historical center of Riga there are several Art Nouveau buildings.

Important is the National Opera Theater which hosts the Riga Opera Festival every summer.

Paris is called by many for the many tourist attractions and outdoor cafes.

In the medieval area, which is still very well preserved, there is the church of San Pietro.

What see

The Freedom Monument, built by Kārlis Zāle in 1935 and 42 meters high, is located in the center of Riga.

On the top there is a figure of a woman depicting freedom, raising three gold stars above her head, symbolizing the three regions of Latvia, namely Curlandia, Livonia and Letgallia.

Left unchanged by the Soviets, the tower is a symbol of power for the inhabitants, who place wreaths on its base.

The House of the Blackheads is a building of medieval origin, located in Piazza del Municipio and completely rebuilt after the Second World War, where in the past the city guilds met.

The Church of San Pietro is a large Gothic church, equipped with one of the highest bell towers in Europe, with its seventy meters, from the top of which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama.

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The Occupation Museum is a historical exhibition concerning the period of submission to the Soviet regime, between 1940 and 1991.

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