Rodi Garganico (Puglia): what to see


What to see in Rodi Garganico, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the village of Gargano, renowned for its beautiful beaches.

Tourist information

Rodi Garganico is an ancient town and a very popular seaside and tourist center in the province of Foggia in Puglia.

It is part of the Gargano national park and is located in the stretch of territory famous for the production of citrus fruits, which has characterized this landscape since the year 1000 and has represented a thriving trade in past centuries, thanks to the valuable qualities of these products.

We remember boats laden with lemons and oranges that sailed from these coasts to reach the various markets abroad.

Today Rodi Garganico while maintaining the citrus tradition oriented to the enhancement of local agricultural products, has developed above all its tourist vocation.

The village of Rodi Garganico is perched on a rocky promontory between two long sandy beaches, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves, citrus groves and typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub.

What see

In the ancient village, on narrow and steep alleys with a complex layout, the typical white houses of the Gargano overlook.

Going down the alleys towards the sea, you reach the vuccolo, a small district where women looked out from a splendid balcony to call (vuccolare in dialect) the husbands intent on arranging the nets.

In the historic center of Rhodes are the Church of the Most Holy Crucifix, the Church of San Nicola di Mira, the Church of San Pietro e Paolo and the Sanctuary of the Madonna Libera, where the painting of the Madonna depicting the Virgin Mary seated on a throne with the baby Jesus on his lap.

Tradition has it that the table came from Byzantium carried by a Venetian ship, which arrived at Rhodes inexplicably stopped.

The captain landed on the ground and saw the sacred picture of the Virgin Mary standing on a stone, thinking of a theft brought him back on board, but the ship was unable to resume the journey, despite the currents were favorable, for this reason the captain got off again on the ground and noticed that the image was in the same place as the previous day.

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At that point the desire of the Virgin Mary to remain in the Gargano became clear and it was for this reason that the captain gave the painting to the population of Rhodes.

At 700 meters from the center is the Church of Santa Barbara and about two kilometers away, on a hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama, the Church of the Holy Spirit-Convent of the Capuchins.

Rodi Garganico (September 2023)

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