Romanian proverbs: sayings and idioms


Selection of Romanian proverbs, sayings and idioms most used in Romania, translated into Italian, as testimony to the wisdom of its people.

Romanian idioms

- Who has a good friend has a good mirror.

- Sin confessed is half forgiven.

- The tree is known by the fruits and man by the actions.

- In the land of the blind, blessed is he who has an eye.

- Who has a good wife becomes happy. Who has a bad wife becomes a philosopher.

- Each miracle lasts only three days.

- Whoever runs after two hares does not take one.

- A madman asks more than ten wise men can say.

- Blessed is the man who is satisfied with something less than he has.

- A welcome word is like a spring day.

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- The wise man does what he can, not what he wants.

- Those who know how to sow can also sow on a rocky field.

- To get rid of the smoke often you throw yourself into the fire.

- Anyone who fears death loses his life.

- Silence is gold, the word of silver.

- When someone has deceived you, the first time it is his fault; when he tricked you the second time, it's your fault.

- Facts are fruits, words are leaves.

Romanian sayings

- Help yourself that heaven helps you.

- Kids, crazy and drunk tell the truth.

- The world was not made in a single day.

- With a spoonful of honey, take more flies than with 20 barrels of vinegar.

- Who has a book has four eyes.

- Everyone makes mistakes, but only the fool repeats them.

- The word is like a needle: it can sew, but it can also sting.

- The will of the heart gives wings to the feet.

- Nobody is born wise, but many die mad.

- The emperor's lies are the truths of the poor.

- The thief swears and steals again.

- Those who get up early in the morning go further.

- Eyes that cannot be seen are forgotten.

- Delicate scissors cut badly.

- Whoever steals an egg today, tomorrow will steal an ox.

- Whoever gives to the poor, borrows from God.

- Honesty and kindness outweigh any beauty.

Romanian proverbs

- Those who apologize accuse themselves.

- Three things do not let people live in solitude: wine, woman and money.

- With a little patience every problem passes.

- Need is the mother of madness.

- With money you can buy a watch, but you can't buy time.

- Bad grass must not be cut, but must be torn.

- The good horse is sold in the stable, that is, it does not need advertising.

- Where man is happy, heaven is found there.

- In war, iron is more expensive than gold.

- If you want to do a job, you need tools. If you want to start a family, you need people.

- Forgiving is easy, forgetting is difficult.

- Sin comes laughing and goes away crying.

- Some talk about what they know and others know what they are talking about.

- Whoever digs someone else's pit, falls into it.

- Joy and unhappiness are two sisters who run together.

- The truth is written between the lines.

- Often, problems make us drunk worse than any drink.

- When the brothers work together, the mountains turn into gold.

- Anyone who is looking for time is wasting time.


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