Ronciglione (Lazio): what to see


What to see in Ronciglione, an itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Duomo, the Castle, the Church of Santa Maria della Pace, the Church of Sant 'Eusebio and Lake Vico.

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Town in the province of Viterbo, from which it is 22 km away, located on a tuff spur overlooking the Rio Vicano, south-east of Lake Vico, Ronciglione is of Etruscan origin and in the Middle Ages it was disputed between the papacy and the empire.

Included in the Papal States, it was highly valued under the rule of the Farnese family.

The Duomo, an interesting Baroque building with an eighteenth-century dome and bell tower, has an interior with three naves where paintings dating back to different periods are kept.

In an elevated position there is the Castle, which includes two circular towers and constitutes the entrance to the medieval quarter.

The Church of Sant'Andrea, built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, is equipped with a bell tower from the 1400s.

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Inside the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza, dating back to the eleventh century and restored in the eighteenth century, remarkable fifteenth-century frescoes are preserved, while the bell tower rises outside.

The sixteenth-century Church of Santa Maria della Pace contains inside a single nave interesting sculptures from the Renaissance period.

Taking the road to Rome, after about two kilometers you can see the small seventh-century Romanesque church of Sant'Eusebio, characterized by an interior with three naves, with columns dominated by ancient capitals, where some interesting frescoes are preserved, including a Last Supper of the twelfth century, a Christ the Redeemer who blesses, placed among the Evangelists, of the thirteenth century and a Madonna and Child, depicted between Saints Eusebius and Stephen.

In the surroundings, 2 km away, is the lake of Vico, once Lacus Ciminus, developed in a U-shape around Monte Venere,

Third largest lake in Lazio, it is characterized by fish-rich waters and surrounded by dense vegetation.

Lazio-Lago di Vico, Ronciglione, Capranica (August 2021)

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