Rosolina Mare (Veneto): what to see


What to see in Rosolina Mare, itinerary including the main places of interest, including sandy beach, Porto Caleri botanical garden and Albarella island.

Tourist information

Rosolina is a town in the province of Rovigo in Veneto, located in the Po delta.

Rosolina Mare, built in the sixties as a seaside resort, and Albarella, an island that has developed from a tourism point of view since the seventies, also belong to the municipal area of ​​Rosolina.

The coast of Rosolina Mare is a peninsula of sand about 9 kilometers long surrounded by the water of the Adige river and overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Mostly covered by a thick pine forest, as well as by a forest of holm oaks and downy oaks, the resort offers a well-equipped beach with bathing establishments, as well as a very suggestive natural environment, including the Porto Caleri botanical garden area, located in the southern part of the coast, where many plant species live among the sand dunes, brackish water ponds and the lagoon.

What see

Albarella is a private island immersed in the Mediterranean scrub of the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, connected to the mainland by a bridge, which can only be accessed if equipped with a permit and where bicycles are the main means of travel.

The two locations are connected by the Via delle Valli Nord, a road where heavy vehicles and buses are not allowed to pass, which connects Portesine di Rosolina to the bank road, to the left of the Po di Levante, which ends in the tourist port of Albarella.

At the sides of the route you can admire the fascinating landscape of the Caleri Lagoon and the fishing valleys, which are distinguished by the bodies of water reserved for breeding fish.

Along the way you will find typical fishermen's buildings, called casoni, with the rooms used for storing tools and boats next to them.

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