Rossano Calabro (Calabria): what to see


What to see in Rossano Calabro, tourist itinerary including the cathedral with the diocesan museum, the church of San Marco and, in the surrounding area, the famous Abbazia del Patire.

Tourist information

Located in the eastern part of the Sibari plain, between Sila and the Ionian coast, Rossano is a seaside resort in Calabria, divided into two areas, the historic center and the airport, the latter located in the coastal part.

Already inhabited in Roman times, in the eighth century Rossano became a very important Byzantine spiritual center.

The Diocesan museum preserves an ancient Greek gospel, dating back to the sixth century.

The cathedral of Rossano, of very ancient origins and rebuilt several times over the centuries, while retaining the primitive basilica layout inside, does not hide the signs of the alterations that have affected it, including the remarkable coffered ceiling of the central nave , from the sixteenth century.

What see

In the central nave it is possible to admire the image of the Madonna which, according to a popular legend, would have appeared on the wall of the church during the construction works.

Inside the Byzantine church of San Marco Evangelista there are remains of frescoes from the Byzantine era.

The Panaghìa church, also of Byzantine origin, houses a beautiful fresco depicting St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil of Caesarea.

In the fifteenth-century church of San Bernardino, a Crucifix attributed to Umile di Petralìa and the tomb of Oliviero Somma from 1536 deserve to be seen.

Nearby there is the Abbey of Patire, dating back to the eleventh century, with an interior with three naves including a mosaic floor and an apse in the Arab-Norman style.

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