Royal Palace (Prague): what to see in the ancient residence of the kings


What to see in the Royal Palace of Prague, with hints on the origins, construction and extensions, as well as the internal decorations, chapels and rooms of the building where the President of the Czech Republic is sworn in today.

Tourist information

Built in the eleventh century on the site where a princely court stood in the ninth century, the palace, originally built in Romanesque style, was later transformed and enlarged.

Overlooking the third courtyard of Prague Castle, until the Habsburg period the royal palace was the seat of the Bohemian rulers.

What see

Among the multiple interiors stands the Vladislao Room, designed by B. Rieth from Piesting and executed at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

To admire the precious Gothic vaults with ribs.

The adjoining Cappella di Ognissanti is a 14th-century construction by P. Parler who, in the second half of the 16th century, after a fire, was modified and enlarged.

The main altar is embellished with a painting depicting All Saints.

At the right side altar there is a Deposition from the late Renaissance period.

The Sala della Dieta, built in the sixteenth century, was remade after it had been destroyed by fire in the second half of the same century.

Today the President of the Republic takes an oath in this room and the meetings of the Czech National Council take place periodically.

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