Saint Vincent (Aosta Valley): what to see


What to see in Saint Vincent, itinerary including the main places of interest, including casino, spa, Church of San Vincenzo and Palazzo.

Tourist information

Located in the middle valley of the Dora Baltea, in a basin located at the foot of Mount Zerbion, 2719 meters high, Saint Vincent has very Roman origins, in the Middle Ages it was a fief first of the Challant and then of the Savoy.

With the opening of the Casino and the consequent creation of accommodation facilities, the organization of periodic cultural and social events was made possible.

The thermal baths are located in Viale IV Novembre, a building built in a dominant position over the city and surrounded by a green area.

The waters that flow from the springs used, which were discovered in 1770, have beneficial properties against dermatological diseases and digestive disorders.

In via Chanoux there is the church of San Vincenzo, which was built over a Roman villa, the remains of which can be seen in the basement.

What see

In the church, whose origins date back to 1150, there are a crypt of the year 1000 and fifteenth-century frescoes.

The Roman bridge of Saint Vincent is one of the greatest testimonies of the Roman era, a work built along the Via delle Gallie, used until 1839, the year in which the central arch collapsed following an earthquake.

Later, in 1939, with the execution of a radical restoration, the structure was consolidated.

The initial part of the arch remains of the ancient bridge, a support shoulder and a blind arch.

The Saint-Vincent Palace is a structure where concerts and film screenings are held.

Saint-Vincent, Aosta Valley - Magic place with wonderful Casino (September 2021)

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