Salzburg (Austria): what to see in the city of Mozart


What to see in Salzburg, one-day itinerary, including the main monuments and places of interest, including Mozart's birthplace, Fortress and St. Peter's Abbey.

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Known to the whole world above all for giving birth to Mozart, Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, located along the banks of the Salzach River and characterized by the baroque architecture of the buildings, which reveals an evident Italian inspiration.

The name Salzburg, in German Salzburg, means Borgo del Sale, a name due to the presence of salt mines, which have been one of the pillars of the local economy since the past.

Of Roman origins, Salzburg was rebuilt after the barbarian invasions and reached its peak between 1500 and 1700, becoming one of the main lounges of European culture.

In 1800 it became part of Austria.

On the top of one of the two reliefs that dominate the historical center, there is the Hohensalzburg fortress, built by the Romans in medieval times to protect the city from the enemy, which constitutes one of the major fortresses in Europe, remained practically intact.

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In Salzburg the famous musician Mozart was born, whose birthplace can be visited, for this reason there are frequent concerts and internationally renowned music festivals are organized.

Among the main places of interest is the Duomo, which includes a crypt where the tombs of the Salzburg Bishops are located.

From the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which dominates the whole city from the Monchsberg mountain, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

The Residenz is the palace used by the bishops as an official residence.

The Abbey of San Pietro includes a cemetery where the catacombs are located.

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The Mozart House deserves to be visited, where the famous composer musician was born and lived.

Franziskanerkirche is a Franciscan church with an adjoining convent.

On the outskirts of Salzburg the Mirabell Castle and the Hellbrunn Castle are noteworthy, with fun water games in the garden.

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