San Candido (South Tyrol): what to see


What to see in San Candido, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Collegiate Museum, the Franciscan Convent and the Messner Museum in Sesto.

Tourist information

Surrounded by wonderful Dolomite peaks and located in Trentino Alto Adige in the upper Val Pusteria, near the border with Austria, San Candido is a popular tourist resort, popular both in winter and in summer, thanks to the presence of facilities equipped for practice skiing and numerous paths for pleasant excursions.

With origins dating back to the Roman period, San Candido underwent considerable development coinciding with the foundation in 769, by the Duke Tassilone of Bavaria, of a Benedictine monastery, which made it become a center of spirituality.

Among the things to see, the collegiate church of Santi Candido and Corbiniano, dating back to the twelfth century but later remodeled, deserves attention.

On the right side of the building there is a Gothic portal with a relief, placed in the lunette, surmounted by a fresco of the fifteenth century executed by the Pacher, who were local artists.

The majestic bell tower has a square plan and dates back to the fourteenth century.

What see

Inside the church there are remarkable works made of wood, including a Romanesque group depicting the Crucifix between the Madonna and San Giovanni.

In the Collegiate museum, sacred objects and books dating from the period between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries are preserved, as well as a remarkable collection of manuscripts capable of witnessing the intellectual and spiritual activity of the oldest collegiate church in Tyrol.

In the Franciscan Convent there are archaeological finds found in the area and dating back to Roman times, as well as a collection of folk objects.

In the surroundings, 8 km away is Sesto, a holiday resort famous for winter sports and made up of some hamlets located in a basin surrounded by the Sesto Dolomites.

The main inhabited center is San Vito, characterized by rustic frescoed houses, where there is the museum dedicated to Rudolf Stolz, which houses many works by this painter originally from Bolzano.

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