San Gregorio Matese (Campania): what to see


What to see in San Gregorio Matese, itinerary including the main attractions and excursions to do in the Caserta holiday center, ski slopes available.

Tourist information

Located at 765 meters above sea level, San Gregorio Matese is a tourist resort in the high province of Caserta, not far from the lake of the same name and the Miralago pass.

The name originates from an ancient Benedictine church dedicated to San Gregorio, which was destroyed in the early eighteenth century together with the ancient chapel of the Sacramento, which contained a remarkable Baroque decoration.

With the oldest houses built on the mountainside, the town presents itself, at first glance, with very characteristic features.

In this area there was probably already a Samnite village, hypothesis confirmed by some tombs found in the area.

Over time, San Gregorio Matese has become a popular holiday resort all year round.

There are in fact ski lifts, slopes for alpine and cross-country skiing, also in summer it is possible to take advantage of the various paths available, to make excursions to the major peaks of the Matese area.

What see

Among the main monuments and places of interest include the ruins of the ninth century church and monastery, the sixteenth century Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with attached the Chapel of S. Michele, the Church of the Piana del Lago, containing interesting wall paintings of Tirrito, the Vico Stretto, which at the point of least width measures only 45 cm, and the remarkable municipal villa, in the past a lush botanical garden created by Beniamino Caso and dedicated by him to his mother Luisa.

Not far from the town, in Santa Croce and behind the church of the same name, remains of Samnite tombs were found during some excavations, a palpable testimony to the existence of an ancient necropolis.

The Monte Porco, the Pagliarone, the Pianellone, the Camporuccio valley, represent an area of ​​great naturalistic interest.

A Castello Matese Cinzia e Marilena trascinano tutti (September 2021)

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