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SaS is the airline headquartered in Sweden in Stockholm. It constitutes the flag carrier of Sweden, Denmark and Norway as well as being one of the members who founded the Star Alliance, one of the largest and most important airline groups in the world.

General information Sas

The hubs to which this air carrier refers are Stockholm Arlanda airport in Sweden, Copenhagen Kastrup airport in Denmark and Oslo Gardermoen airport in Norway.

The historical origins of this airline date back to August 1, 1946 when an important agreement was signed between the flag carriers belonging to the three Scandinavian nations to expand intercontinental air traffic with flights departing and arriving from and to Scandinavia.

A further turning point in the fate of this company was in June 2001 with its listing on the stock exchange: the three governments kept 50% of the shares while the remainder was put on the market available to interested investors.

Destinations managed by Sas air flights divided into percentage shares

- 51.6% Europe

- 26.6% North Atlantic

- 21.8% Far East

For more information on Sas web check in online, flight booking, hand luggage and contacts go to the company's website directly from here.

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