Scientific methods: procedures based on specific knowledge


The scientific methods in the main areas of science consist of procedures based on specific knowledge that aim to give a rational meaning to the object of study.

Definition of scientific methods

Through science we want to try to achieve a very precise description of the reality of things through research that allows us to acquire various knowledge by following a scientific method through the experimental observation of the events being studied whether they are natural or social, formulating conclusions and hypotheses accompanied by results and evidence of research or experiments done.

Under the term medicine, various concepts can be brought together in close connection with each other: drugs, the various scientific disciplines that study the diseases of human or animal diseases, the exercise of the profession of doctor by people who have achieved a degree in medicine, the prevention of diseases in various fields including work and sport, forensic medicine, alternative medicine represented by some non-officially recognized practices such as homeopathy, holistic and acupuncture.

Biology studies all the phenomena that affect the life of all living organisms.

In particular, the physical characteristics, behavior and origin of the various animal and plant species are studied with reference to their integration into the environment to create a classification by groups according to the types.

Astronomy is the science that aims to study all celestial events, analyzing the origins and evolution of stars, planets, stars, galaxies with particular attention to all the physical and chemical properties of the various objects that make up the universe.

Graphology is aimed at studying the psychological characteristics of a person through a careful examination of his calligraphy which is considered an automatic process as soon as the stages of school learning have passed.

Research Methods - Introduction (August 2022)

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