September 11: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 11 September is Santi Proto and Giacinto, martyrs of Rome, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saints Proto and Hyacinth

The cult of Proto and Giacinto, two Christian martyrs, dates back at least to the fourth century, as documented by the Depositio martyrum, from which it seems that their burial took place on 11 September in the cemetery of Basilia, today of Sant'Ermete, located along via Salaria, where an inscription attributed to Pope Damasus I recalls that the arrangement of their tomb was made by this pontiff.

The two Saints seem to have been brothers, slaves of Saint Eugenia, converted from them to the Christian faith.

Eugenia ceded the two slaves to the noble Bassila, who also later became a Christian thanks to the teachings of Proto and Giacinto, who were, upon denunciation of Bassila's boyfriend, first imprisoned and beaten, then beheaded because they refused to deny their faith, this occurred when Valerian was emperor.

Other saints and celebrations of 11 September

  • Sant’Adelfio di Remiremont
  • Abbot

  • Blessed Bonaventura of Barcelona (Michele Battista Gran)
  • Franciscan

  • St. Daniel of Bangor
  • Bishop

  • Saint Elia Speleota
  • Abbot

  • San Felice, Regola and Essuperanzio
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Francesco Mayaudon
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Gaspare Koteda, Francesco Takeya and Pietro Shichiemon
  • Martyrs

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  • St. John Gabriele Perboyre
  • Vincentian priest, martyr

  • Blessed Giuseppe Maria Segura Penades
  • Priest and martyr

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  • Bishop

  • Saints Matthew and Gusmeo
  • Martyrs

  • San Pafnuzio
  • Bishop in Egypt

  • Saint Patient of Lion
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Pietro de Alcantara (Lorenzo) Villanueva Larrayoz
  • Religious and martyr

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