September 18: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day September 18 is Saint Joseph of Cupertino, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Joseph of Cupertino

Born in Copertino, in the province of Lecce, in 1603 he joined the Order of Conventual Minors.

Since he was ordained a priest in 1628, he was very zealous in dedicating himself to the works of the sacred ministry oriented to the salvation of souls.

Its existence was marked by much austerity and a profound spirit of prayer.

Extraordinary ecstasies and frequent miracles marked his life and made him one of the most interesting figures of Christian mysticism.

Due to very euberant celestial virtues, he was forced by situations to often change convent with humility and unconditional obedience, to prevent it from becoming easy objects of inappropriate popular fanaticism.

He was very devoted to the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

He died in Osimo, in the Marches, on September 18, 1663 and was canonized under the pontificate of Clement XIII.

He is considered the protector of students and test takers.

In Catholic devotion he is called and also known as the saint of flights, due to the elevation in the air which, according to the chronicles of the time, would have affected him in moments of ecstasy, a fact that brought him a trial before the Holy Office with the he accuses of abusing popular credulity, from which he was acquitted, however.

Other saints and celebrations of 18 September

  • Blessed Ambrogio Maria da Torrente (Salvatore Chulia Ferrandis) and 4 companions
  • Martyrs

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