September 25: saint of the day, name day


The saint of the day 25 September is Sante Aurelia and Neomisia, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

Saints Aurelia and Neomisia

A legend has it that the sisters Aurelia and Neomisia, born in Asia Minor and charitable since childhood, visited the territories of Palestine where Jesus lived.

After they left Rome, along the via Latina, they were beaten by the Agareni who reduced them to the end of their lives but without killing them, thanks to a furious and providential storm that dispersed their persecutors.

The two sisters, finding themselves free, continued their journey and, as soon as they arrived near Anagni, they took up residence in the hamlet of Macerata, located at the foot of the hill, where they died peacefully on September 25th.

Their bodies, venerated by the local population, were first buried in an oratory in the village and then transported to the monastery of Santa Reparata, near the city walls.

Later, Bishop Rumaldo, when Pope Leo IX was visiting Anagni, placed the bodies in the cathedral and when it was rebuilt by Bishop Pietro, they were placed in the crypt of San Magno, where there are also the remains of Santa Secondina, under the altar dedicated to them.

The two virgins are depicted in the frescoes of the century. XIII in the crypt of the cathedral.

Most of the relics of Aurelia and Neomisia are kept in two urns which, commissioned by Bishop Antonio Sardi in 1903, are displayed on the main altar of the cathedral on September 25 of each year, the day on which the two saints are celebrated.

Other saints and celebrations on 25 September

  • Saint Aunacario of Auxerre
  • Bishop

  • San Cleofa
  • Disciple of Jesus

  • St. Findbar of Cork
  • Bishop

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