Serra Arrabida (Portugal): what to see in the natural park


What to see in the Serra Arrabida natural park, where the massif is located, features of the area, main beaches and boat trips to the Sado estuary.

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The Serra da Arrabida natural park, located near the sea, presents itself with a landscape that ranges from the intense blue of the sea to the green hills.

The Serra da Arrabida, of calcareous origin, stretches from west to east for thirty-five kilometers in length and six in width, from Capo Espichel to Palmela.

The complex consists of the southern slope of a vast syncline of Jurassic limestones that sinks under the estuary of the Tagus river and reappears to the north, going to lean on the Sintra massif.

The small massif is asymmetrical between the north and south slopes, with the southern slope gently sloping, decomposed into crets and consecutive corridors.

For a long time covered with forests, that area was a hunting reserve for the lords of the place, with a strong presence of wolves and wild boars.

With the repeal of the protection decrees, which took place in the eighteenth century, a rapid colonization began, with the consequent development of a varied agriculture.

What see

The southern slope, consisting of a cliff of 500 meters on a jagged coast including numerous sea caves, represents the most beautiful part of the Serra Arrabida, with the colors of the vegetation and rocks very similar to those of the Mediterranean coast.

Portinho da Arrabida beach is a place of exceptional beauty, located in the center of a sheltered gulf above which dominates the Serra da Arrabida.

In the clear waters of Pedra da Anixa, a small island very close to the beach, you can go scuba diving to admire fantastic flora and fauna.

Another very popular beach is that of Figuerinha, also at the nature reserve at the Sado estuary there are other attractions, including dolphins to be seen during a boat trip and a bird observatory, which allows you to see over two hundred species.

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If you have the opportunity to visit the Serra Arrabida park during the autumn and winter seasons, you can see numerous pink flamingos at the Sado estuary, while in spring and summer the kilometers of beaches on the Troia peninsula allow you to make long walks.

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