Sicilian stuffed chops


How to make Sicilian stuffed chops, recipe to be cooked preferably on the grill, failing that, the metal plate hot on the fire is also fine.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 12 slices of veal, about 70 g in total

- 200 g breadcrumbs

- 2 tablespoons of water

- 100 g grated provolone

- 2 cloves of minced garlic

- abundant chopped parsley

- 2 tablespoons of pickled capers

- 40 g pitted black olives

- abundant black pepper crushed in a mortar

- 5 tablespoons of olive oil

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- salt

Preparation of Sicilian stuffed chops

Remove any ribs and flesh from the slices of meat, then place them in the middle of a folded sheet of parchment paper, beating them with a meat pounder so as to thin them well without breaking them.

In a bowl, lightly moisten the breadcrumbs with two tablespoons of water and mix with provolone, salt, parsley and garlic minced together, adding the crushed pepper in the mortar.

Drain the capers from the vinegar, squeeze and chop them together with the black olives, then spread part of this mince on the surface of the meat, just greased with oil on both sides.

Immerse the slices so seasoned in the mixture of breadcrumbs and freshly prepared cheese.

Roll each slice of bread on itself, like a roll, then skewer three rolls at a time on an iron skewer and place them on the grill or on the hot metal plate, letting them cook slowly and greasing them frequently with olive oil.

Sicilian Crusted Pork Chop | Kitchen Daddy (August 2022)

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