Skirt: meaning and subtle types with various lengths


Meaning of skirt, female garment that has evolved over the years, of which many models with varying sizes have been seen throughout history.

Types of skirt

The skirt or skirt is a garment of women's clothing which can generally be tube or cone of variable length that starts from the waist line and goes down the legs in various lengths.

With the exception of Scotland, where the skirt is sometimes worn even by men in a Scottish pattern, the skirt is a women's item of clothing.

Normally the skirt is individually woven with various seams and folds to give it the desired shape.

In history we have seen skirts of all types, from those of women belonging to noble families that were even three meters wide up to the miniskirts that from the 60s onwards characterized a particular way of dressing.

Skirts that fall below the knee often have the so-called side slit to facilitate the movements of the wearer.

Skirts are widely used in many parts of the world by women belonging to various age groups and are an alternative to trousers whose use has spread widely even among women only from the 60s onwards.

Some remember the 1950s Vespa trips that saw women sitting behind and to the side because of the skirt they wore.

Skirts are defined as skirts with lengths varying from about twenty cm above the knee to a few centimeters below the underwear.

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