Socotra (Yemen): what to see on the island


What to see in Socotra, places to visit, travel and holidays immersed in the primordial nature of this island of Yemen.

Tourist information

Socotra belongs to the state of Yemen, and is the largest island of the archipelago of the same name made up of three other smaller islands and two islets, located in the Indian Ocean at a distance of about 300 kilometers from the Horn of Africa.

The main inhabited center is Hadibo, the airport is about 15 minutes drive from this village.

It is a very important island from the point of view of the biodiversity of flora and fauna, many species found in Socotra are not found anywhere else in the world, for this reason it is a UNESCO protected site as a biosphere reserve .

What see

Here there are very particular plants, such as the desert rose, the dragon blood tree, unusual and fascinating landscapes, beaches with sand dunes and palm trees protected by high ocher-colored cliffs, in which caves open where sea birds nest .

Socotra's seabed is also extraordinary, populated by fish, crabs, shrimps and various species of corals.

In Socotra there is only one road that connects the resorts of the northern coast, to move you need a guide and an off-road vehicle, camping is the most used way to visit it, relying on specialized tourist agencies, since there are few adequate accommodation facilities and the tourism is almost nonexistent.

To conclude, going on vacation to Socotra, you immediately realize that you are in a real natural paradise, surrounded by a primordial nature and isolated from the world to which we are usually accustomed.

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