Sole and potato rolls with Georgette prawns


How to make Georgette sole rolls, a refined recipe of French cuisine, a little demanding but very effective, with potatoes, peeled shrimp tails and cream.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 8 sole fillets (also frozen)

- 300 g of shelled shrimp tails (also frozen)

- 8 potatoes of the same size (approx. 100 g each)

- 2 liters of court bouillon

- 70 g of butter

- 30 g of flour

- 3 dl of hot milk

- 1 dl of cream

- salt and white pepper

For decoration
- a few sprigs of parsley

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How to prepare Georgette sole rolls

Wash the potatoes without cleaning them and place them on the already hot oven plate for about twenty five minutes.

Clean them and let them cool.

Cut the potatoes in two, precisely at about three quarters of their height, gently dig the highest cut part and leave the lower part to close them once filled.

Keep the potatoes warm and covered with aluminum foil so as not to dry them out too much.

Wash the prawns and boil them in the boiling court-bouillon for five minutes.

Meanwhile, wash, dry and roll up the soles with a little colorless thread.

Drain the prawns and immerse them in the same court-bouillon, brought to the boil again, cooking them for about eight minutes.

Drain them, remove the wire and keep them warm covered with aluminum foil.

Take eight prawns, choosing from the largest ones, place them inside the cavity of the potatoes, while the other prawns blend them together with 40 g of softened butter at room temperature.

Melt 30 g of butter in a pan, add the flour, let it just brown and, while continuing to stir, add the hot milk, salt and pepper little by little.

Cook for about ten minutes before adding the cream and, continuing to stir, continue cooking over low heat for another ten minutes.

Add the prepared butter and shrimp smoothie to this sauce, mixing it well.

With this mixture fill the potatoes and close them with their shell, then place them on a heated tray.

Place a fillet of sole on top of each potato and cover everything with the remaining hot shrimp sauce.

Decorate with sprigs of parsley.

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